Dinner Menu



Dinner Menu





hearty home-made vegetable soup

$ 10.50

Tortellini in Brodo

tortellini stuffed with veal in chicken broth

$ 11.95

Zuppa del Giorno

soup of the day

market price


Insalata Mista

mixed greens in our house dressing

$ 11.95


romaine lettuce in our house made caesar dressing with croutons

$ 13.95

Cesare al Pesto

a traditional caesar with a touch of pesto

$ 13.95

Insalata di Pomodori

fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers and baby bocconcini in balsamic vinaigrette

$ 15.95

Insalata mista con Gamberi

mixed greens in our house dressing with grilled shrimp

$ 20.75



toast topped with fresh tomatoes and herbs

$ 12.95

Crostini al Salmone

smoked salmon and cream cheese on toast


Salsicce alla Calabrese

home-made spicy italian sausage in fresh tomato sauce

$ 16.95

Lumache in Padella

escargot in chef's sauce

$ 14.95

Cozze della Nuova Zelanda

large new zealand mussels oven baked with fresh herbs

$ 15.50


squid rings in a light tomato sauce

$ 16.75

Cozze alla Marinara

black mussels in tomato sauce

$ 16.95

Gamberetti al Cognac

jumbo shrimps in cognac and butter sauce

$ 17.75

Pasta al Forno

Lasagna al Forno

traditional lasagna with mortadella, capicollo ham and ground veal baked in a rosé sauce, with swiss and mozzarella cheese

$ 25.95

Cannelloni alla Fiorentina

spinach, mozzarella and ground veal in home-made pasta, baked in a rosé sauce

$ 25.50

Pasta della Casa

pasta shells stuffed with ricotta and spinach in tomato sauce

$ 24.95


Spaghetti alla Villa Firenze

spaghetti in rosé sauce with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms

$ 22.50

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

spaghetti with olives and capers in spicy tomato sauce

$ 22.50

Penne all’ Arrabbiata

penne in a spicy tomato sauce

$ 20.95, w sausage 25.95

Penne in Barca

the fisherman’s carbonara penne in cream with baby clams

$ 22.50

Penne alla Domenico

penne in rosé sauce with capicollo and oyster mushrooms, topped with green onions

$ 22.50

Penne alla Marinara

penne with assorted seafood in tomato or saffron sauce

$ 34.95

Fettuccine al Pesto

fettuccine in our basil, garlic and pine nut sauce

$ 21.95

Fettuccine alla Toscana

fettuccine in rosé sauce with spinach and mushrooms

$ 22.95

Fettuccine Alfredo

fettuccine in alfredo sauce

$ 21.95

Linguine alle Vongole

linguine with clams in tomato or white wine sauce

$ 22.50

Linguine di Spinaci con Cozze

spinach linguine with oyster mushrooms and black mussels in tomato sauce

$ 25.95

Linguine di Spinaci ai Gamberi

spinach linguine in cream with bruschetta and jumbo tiger prawns

$ 28.95

Pappardelle con Salmone Affumicato

wide fettuccine pasta in a creamy smoked salmon sauce

$ 24.95

Tortellini alla Panna

tortellini stuffed with veal in a cream sauce

$ 22.95

Gnocchi alla Bolognese

hand-made potato dumplings in a tomato meat sauce

$ 25.50

Gnocchi Pesto e Panna

hand-made potato dumplings in a cream sauce with home-made pesto

$ 26.50

Gnocchi Gorgonzola

hand-made potato dumplings in a gorgonzola cream sauce

$ 28.95

Piatti di Carne

Petto di Pollo alla Griglia

boneless breast of chicken grilled with fresh herbs

$ 26.95

Petto di Pollo al Limone

boneless breast of chicken in white wine lemon sauce

$ 26.95

Petto di Pollo alla Panna

boneless breast of chicken in mushroom cream sauce

$ 27.95

Involtini di Pollo

capicollo ham and provolone rolled with breast of chicken in white wine sauce

$ 27.95

Vitello alla Villa Firenze

veal rolled with capicollo ham and provolone in green peppercorn sauce

$ 29.95

Vitello alla Parmigiana

veal layered with parmigiana and capicollo ham, baked in tomato sauce

$ 29.95

Vitello allo Champagne

veal sautéed in champagne cream sauce

$ 28.95

Vitello al Marsala

veal sautéed in marsala wine with mushrooms

$ 27.95

Vitello al Gorgonzola

veal sautéed in gorgonzola cream sauce with oyster mushrooms

$ 29.95

Vitello alla Griglia con Gamberoni

grilled veal with tiger prawns

$ 32.95

Abbacchio alla Villa Firenze

full rack of lamb in rosemary

$ 43.95


Risotto al Pomodoro

tomato basil

$ 21.95

Risotto ai Funghi

portobello, button and oyster mushrooms in tomato sauce

$ 25.95

Risotto al Gorgonzola

gorgonzola cream sauce

$ 27.95